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Naked Agile

Naked Agile: The true essence of Agile without the process crap (ceremony and dogmatism)!

For the last couple of years, I’ve this growing feeling that Agile is loosing its meaning and essence. As Agile goes main stream; the late comers are exposed to more and more ceremony in the name of Agile. IMHO this does more harm than good. There are lot of practices that the trailblazers have moved away from. They used them as a starting point but by now a lot of them have evolved from there.

Personally I’ve been executing projects quite differently. When I think about the various things we are doing, they don’t quite fit what the books or the standard training courses are talking about. In fact in some cases it contradicts them. Interestingly, I see a few folks executing projects similar to my style. There is certainly some common patterns out there.

Then the question comes, do new comers really have to go through the same evolution process to understand and appreciate Agile? Or can they skip some of ancient practices & concepts and jump start with what we collectively believe is the most suitable now? How do we package these evolved concepts and patterns?

Just so that I can differentiate it from the rest, I prefer calling it “Naked Agile”. The true essence of Agile without the process crap (ceremony and dogmatism).

Following are some of the things that I’ve been thinking/practicing:

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