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Emerging Technologies for Enterprise Conference on March 26 and 27 2008 in Philly

Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise, March 26-27, 2008, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Next March I’ll mostly be speaking at the ETE3 conference. Ahsen Jaffer has helped put together an Agile Track at this conference. I know Ahsen at the Agile Philly user group.

ETE 3 is a content-rich conference aimed at the Mid-Atlantic region and developed to help teach and inform our tech and IT management community about the latest technologies available to them. With dwindling budgets and time constraints, it is difficult for many in our region to get to the larger conferences out West. Our goal then, is to provide deep technical dives given by experts in Java and open source technologies. The conference also provides a place for CIOs and high-level managers to learn about the technologies behind the buzz words that are impacting their organizations. The key to this conference is that it is not commercial; our attendees know it is a “safe” place, where they won’t be assaulted by vendor speak.

This year’s conference will focus on Agile practices, SOA/Integration, Mashups, Web 2.0, and Lightweight Development (Spring, Ruby, Java). A separate management track will be available as well. That said, the conference organizer would like to believe that it be a great fit on many levels.

They are expecting 400 attendees this year from the Boston to DC corridor. The conference location at Drexel University makes it easy for people to travel by train and the conference fee of $175 makes it affordable for companies to send multiple people. The keynotes this year will be given Floyd Marinescu, Chief Editor InfoQ,, and Lucinda Duncalfe Holt, CEO, Commerce 360. Initial lineup of confirmed speakers includes Bruce Snyder, Dan Diephouse, Brian McCallister, Chris Richardson, and David Chelmisky, to name a few.

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